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Stagnant PC Industry

Hello Readers.

Have you notice the technology industry has become some what stagnant?

It seems PC makers and tablet makers stuck in the same production rut, oh they are coming out with faster tablets and pc’s, well tablets any ways.

But I have yet to see new breakthrough stuff come out of the woodwork’s.

With tablets we have the iPads and the rest, they becoming thinner and lighter and more powerful. End of this year we will see Nokia’s new 8 inch tablet hit the market at a budget price, it’s already out in Asia, but not here.

With respect to PC’s, the market seems to have stopped, in fact it’s gone in reverse. How so? Well, PC makers are using less powerful chips, such as iMac, going back to dual core not forward to quad to Eight core etc. They haven’t started to sell quantum cpu’s yet have they, no, so why the draw back?

My opinion is, budget minded shoppers as well, power savvy shoppers. The average home user, surfs the internet, types a few words, watches movies, so the bare minimum seems to be fine. In the early 2000’s power was the way to go, faster, more processors, more video power, more, more more. But the price was more too and now that Processor companies have smartened up and integrated CPU and GPU together, as I foretasted some time ago, huge PC boxes are not needed and they will just get smaller. For example, Mac Mini, awesome little powerful PC(oops mac) in a little box. To be honest I have wanted one for some time, but can’t get my head around spending that much for a unit built for average user. See, I do some gaming too, that needs bit more powerful graphics than those small PC boxes can handle. Oh they great for simple games, even some nice one’s. I recommend them for the average mom and pop and internet surfers and video watcher.

But now to the stagnant stuff. The only advancement in PC market I have seen is on Alien ware, which Dell now owns and kinda dumbed down the power to make them more affordable, for students and beginner gamers. But they have some nice stuff too and the price is outta there too.

PC market has stopped in innovation, they become too scared to invest fearing the tablet and laptop markets are they way to go. I have a tablet, but I’m typing this blog on a desktop PC, I don’t enjoy typing on a tablet. I also have a laptop, that gathers dust some where. But, I always come back to my trusty PC, over powered monster, where I sit in my comfy leather chair typing away. Do you find your self going back to the PC, like I do?

The smartest PC or Mac, is the iMac, best of both worlds, sleek and futuristic and powerful, well depending what model you buy, or any similar desktop, is just as good. But unfortunately Apple company is the only one that managed to get slim and purdy and powerful in a All in One desktop. The rest are just, all in one bricks, great for word processing, can’t seem to get good Graphics in to them desktops.

But, since I’m a person of modest means and have drooled for a 27 inch imac for many years, do not own one. I’ll just keep dreaming for one. Well I could get the low end imac 27’s, but need the top end model.

Hoping a kind Apple exec, would read this and grant me one, lol.

Ok, my next future forecast for PC industry, including Apple, is: Drum roll……….

Apple will integrate, their tablet platform, once powerful enough in to their Desktop PC’s.

Huh! What do you mean, you ask?

Well! I see tablet technology in Mac mini, as well low end Imac and laptops. Why? Cost of course, for the average home user, that like to sit in front of a PC and type and surf away. People like to have a PC/tablet/phone in one, all the best from each department. Microsoft is venturing that way with Windows 8 & 10, you can download almost anything from online and their app store too, too bad, the apps are weak on numbers.

But 1st the tablet technology, needs to advance in the graphic department. make the tablet technology fast enough in speed and graphics to handle larger monitors at 5k etc.

Well, that’s it, sorry I been away from blogging, as you know, it’s no rich mans game to make money, just to pass on my thoughts on things. Work has kept me busy paying bills. Feels good to type again.

Hope to see you again in words very soon.

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Intel I5 & i7 U cpu’s

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, been some time. Life has too busy to sit down and type now that my work changed.

Today’s topic is Intel Processors, more specifically the mobile i7u or i5u ones.

Intel has gone backwards and made dual core processors for laptops etc.

Yes, they are dual core with 4 threads, so basically a virtual 6 core cpu, but when did they start copying AMD, they do the same process.

I understand they are ultra low power savers, but it’s basically a Core Duo cpu with Hyper Threading.

Here’s a link to GPUBoss comparison of the 2 cpu’s, the i5 u is marginally better, save lots of money if you don’t care about performance and buy a old laptop, lol

Now that solid state hard drives are lower in price, we can get more speed with less cpu power, since the old spindle hard drives couldn’t keep up with modern computing.

If you plan to Buy a laptop, I suggest you go with a i5 or i7 Quad core cpu if you need any kind of multimedia needs.

No More Hard Drive!

So what’s my latest thought on computing?

Just as i for saw AMD and ATI (Intel too) combine and as well create a GPU/CPU, I now also foresee the Hard drive go by the way of the DoDo Bird.

So what’s going to happen?  The hard drive has reached it’s limit, they keep making newer versions and faster, but the bottom line is spindle speed as well seek timing, it can only go so far, yes SDD or Solid State Hard drives are taking root more and more, yet they are still costly and take up room in a case and laptop.

Like Atari, one on the first home pc makers and gaming systems, future models of pc’s will have the storage built into the motherboard physically as in tablet’s now a days, or in the form of storage chips, much like RAM works, but with ones that could be upgraded to larger memory chips.

Why would this be the way to go? Simply because of performance. The reason CPU makers combined GPU with a CPU is to boost performance, thus the GPU would run at same pace as the CPU. So will the storage chips or integrated storage chips. After all, how much storage do we need?

Why would you want to store all your media files on your computer, one it slows it down, two, you can loose it if the hard drive crashes or burns out. Like my self and most,  have an external reliable hard drive for that. I have learned over the years, not to store anything of value on the pc, everything is saved to my external hard drive. Oh and make sure you replace that external hard drive every 3 years before it burns out.

Let’s see what takes root on the PC market, will tablets take over, probably not, as many gamers still prefer the desktop way of playing.


The New CPU or is it GCPU?

The trend as you may have seen is merging the 2 technologies together one die with a cpu & gpu. If done the benefits can be astounding, the performance of these 2 in one die cpu’s could be the new future, but will it be? No I say, why? Because the future is going to be GCPU= Graphics Central Processing Unit. That’s my nick name for the new technology that seemed to fit the description best. GPU’s have become very powerful, one GPU chip has hundreds of cores running simultaneously, why not take the next step and throw out the CPU and slap in a GPU for a processor. It seems like the future is all graphical, why not make the new CPU a GPU to fully take advantage of performance. Yes. you would have to do some tinkering on the GPU add in more cache’s  to support all that processing power, throw in some on-board ram and on-board OS ROM, upgradable that is of course and voile we have a super computer.

Heterogeneous Computing

As the image from NVIDA above shows the difference between a CPU & GPU, which would you choose as your main processor?

I would like to take the 100 cores any day over 4. The 2 technologies are very different.

An example Nvidia’s Russell gave to think about the difference between a traditional CPU and a GPU is this: If you were looking for a word in a book, and handed the task to a CPU, it would start at page 1 and read it all the way to the end, because it’s a “serial” processor. It would be fast, but would take time because it has to go in order. A GPU, which is a “parallel” processor, “would tear [the book] into a thousand pieces” and read it all at the same time. Even if each individual word is read more slowly, the book may be read in its entirety quicker, because words are read simultaneously.


My conclusion is throw out the CPU , bring in the GPU.

Images from NVIDIA.

Are we coming back to Atari technology

Why do I ask that question, you might be asking your self?

First off lets discuss Atari the technology from the past. Atari was a head of it’s time when their personal computers were out, at the time they could of easily ran Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Hope you still remember what those were. Atari’s success was based on their computers having the Operating system built in to the motherboard, thus providing huge boost in speed. Of course they still needed the floppy drive to run programs, but had the hard drive come out then, they would of lasted much longer in use.

Now, why do i ask if we are heading back to Atari technology?

With all the gadgets, phones, iPads, etc, these products no longer use hard drives as we know it. They use memory chips built in to the motherboards, now I do wonder if Atari has some copy right rights to that technology, hmmm, maybe their bidding their time. That’s a question for another time. With all the technological advancement you would think our desktop PC’s would use that same technology, right, the Operating system should be built in to the motherboard, imagine how fast our old computers at home would be, no waiting time. With the large memory chips out there I don’t see a reason why not, and you can always flash a update on to the chips. I think some one dropped the ball along the way here. It would be a large savings on hard drives alone, plus it would boost battery life in most laptops, like the iPad, which lasts up to ten hours, since there are no working parts.

I call on HP, Dell, Gateway & all large PC builders to do away with the hard drive and get back to Atari technology of making the PC fast.

Right now we are limited by our hard drive in how fast our computers are. If some one was to come out with such a motherboard, I am sure most people will upgrade their desktops or even a PCI express slot hard drive, which i know are out there but because of greed are ridiculously expensive as are the SSD hard drives. Greed seems to be holding us back.

Please comment if you think I am wrong, I like to hear from my readers on my topics, if there are any readers that is.



Gas Station Monopoly

Notice how all the gas stations seem to have the same price. How do they know what price to set? How can most gas stations have the same price in a free market society?

The word for this is Monopoly, the only way gas stations and companies can set the same price is by monopoly, they have to call each other and find out how much or how much they are going to sell it for. Ok, so maybe they drive around the city looking up gas stations prices, really I am sure they do that!? So, how do you explain that when gas goes up, we usually know day before hand or night before and not only one or two stations go up, they all go up. If this is not a monopoly, then I’m Harry Potter. How long will government allow this massive e monopoly continue?

The simple solution is in two parts.

1) make a law no two gas stations can have the same price

2) take oil as a commodity off the market and get stock markets to invest in the oil companies not the oil or if you invest in stock you actually have to buy the oil and store it.

In general the idea of commodities market is a way to push up global prices. It would be much better if there was no commodity market and  investors invest in the companies that produce or mine it.

In my opinion the oil commodity market caused the market crash of last. Companies had to start paying huge amounts of transportation costs to ship their products, consumers had to rethink, whether they can afford to take the car to the supermarket or mall, thus causing a massive market crash, I speak from personal experience on this, here’s my example:

I used to put out those new home or new model home directional signs on the curb side every Friday and take them down on Sunday evening. When I started that sideline business, gasoline was around $0.69/liter and around that time I had leased a new F150 4 x 4 for the harsh winter weather. Well when the gas reached $1.47 I quit the business, since every penny of earnings went to pay the fuel costs, my clients didn’t want to pick up the excess tab, therefore bust.

True, we want to use less gasoline to curb pollution, but that’s not the way to do it. If our governments were serious about stopping pollution, we all would be driving electric cars powered by magnetic electric generators that produce electricity with out external sources of power. Most don’t know that there are electric motors for air planes too and same principal can apply to them.


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