No More Hard Drive!

So what’s my latest thought on computing?

Just as i for saw AMD and ATI (Intel too) combine and as well create a GPU/CPU, I now also foresee the Hard drive go by the way of the DoDo Bird.

So what’s going to happen?  The hard drive has reached it’s limit, they keep making newer versions and faster, but the bottom line is spindle speed as well seek timing, it can only go so far, yes SDD or Solid State Hard drives are taking root more and more, yet they are still costly and take up room in a case and laptop.

Like Atari, one on the first home pc makers and gaming systems, future models of pc’s will have the storage built into the motherboard physically as in tablet’s now a days, or in the form of storage chips, much like RAM works, but with ones that could be upgraded to larger memory chips.

Why would this be the way to go? Simply because of performance. The reason CPU makers combined GPU with a CPU is to boost performance, thus the GPU would run at same pace as the CPU. So will the storage chips or integrated storage chips. After all, how much storage do we need?

Why would you want to store all your media files on your computer, one it slows it down, two, you can loose it if the hard drive crashes or burns out. Like my self and most,  have an external reliable hard drive for that. I have learned over the years, not to store anything of value on the pc, everything is saved to my external hard drive. Oh and make sure you replace that external hard drive every 3 years before it burns out.

Let’s see what takes root on the PC market, will tablets take over, probably not, as many gamers still prefer the desktop way of playing.



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