Intel I5 & i7 U cpu’s

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, been some time. Life has too busy to sit down and type now that my work changed.

Today’s topic is Intel Processors, more specifically the mobile i7u or i5u ones.

Intel has gone backwards and made dual core processors for laptops etc.

Yes, they are dual core with 4 threads, so basically a virtual 6 core cpu, but when did they start copying AMD, they do the same process.

I understand they are ultra low power savers, but it’s basically a Core Duo cpu with Hyper Threading.

Here’s a link to GPUBoss comparison of the 2 cpu’s, the i5 u is marginally better, save lots of money if you don’t care about performance and buy a old laptop, lol

Now that solid state hard drives are lower in price, we can get more speed with less cpu power, since the old spindle hard drives couldn’t keep up with modern computing.

If you plan to Buy a laptop, I suggest you go with a i5 or i7 Quad core cpu if you need any kind of multimedia needs.