Stagnant PC Industry

Hello Readers.

Have you notice the technology industry has become some what stagnant?

It seems PC makers and tablet makers stuck in the same production rut, oh they are coming out with faster tablets and pc’s, well tablets any ways.

But I have yet to see new breakthrough stuff come out of the woodwork’s.

With tablets we have the iPads and the rest, they becoming thinner and lighter and more powerful. End of this year we will see Nokia’s new 8 inch tablet hit the market at a budget price, it’s already out in Asia, but not here.

With respect to PC’s, the market seems to have stopped, in fact it’s gone in reverse. How so? Well, PC makers are using less powerful chips, such as iMac, going back to dual core not forward to quad to Eight core etc. They haven’t started to sell quantum cpu’s yet have they, no, so why the draw back?

My opinion is, budget minded shoppers as well, power savvy shoppers. The average home user, surfs the internet, types a few words, watches movies, so the bare minimum seems to be fine. In the early 2000’s power was the way to go, faster, more processors, more video power, more, more more. But the price was more too and now that Processor companies have smartened up and integrated CPU and GPU together, as I foretasted some time ago, huge PC boxes are not needed and they will just get smaller. For example, Mac Mini, awesome little powerful PC(oops mac) in a little box. To be honest I have wanted one for some time, but can’t get my head around spending that much for a unit built for average user. See, I do some gaming too, that needs bit more powerful graphics than those small PC boxes can handle. Oh they great for simple games, even some nice one’s. I recommend them for the average mom and pop and internet surfers and video watcher.

But now to the stagnant stuff. The only advancement in PC market I have seen is on Alien ware, which Dell now owns and kinda dumbed down the power to make them more affordable, for students and beginner gamers. But they have some nice stuff too and the price is outta there too.

PC market has stopped in innovation, they become too scared to invest fearing the tablet and laptop markets are they way to go. I have a tablet, but I’m typing this blog on a desktop PC, I don’t enjoy typing on a tablet. I also have a laptop, that gathers dust some where. But, I always come back to my trusty PC, over powered monster, where I sit in my comfy leather chair typing away. Do you find your self going back to the PC, like I do?

The smartest PC or Mac, is the iMac, best of both worlds, sleek and futuristic and powerful, well depending what model you buy, or any similar desktop, is just as good. But unfortunately Apple company is the only one that managed to get slim and purdy and powerful in a All in One desktop. The rest are just, all in one bricks, great for word processing, can’t seem to get good Graphics in to them desktops.

But, since I’m a person of modest means and have drooled for a 27 inch imac for many years, do not own one. I’ll just keep dreaming for one. Well I could get the low end imac 27’s, but need the top end model.

Hoping a kind Apple exec, would read this and grant me one, lol.

Ok, my next future forecast for PC industry, including Apple, is: Drum roll……….

Apple will integrate, their tablet platform, once powerful enough in to their Desktop PC’s.

Huh! What do you mean, you ask?

Well! I see tablet technology in Mac mini, as well low end Imac and laptops. Why? Cost of course, for the average home user, that like to sit in front of a PC and type and surf away. People like to have a PC/tablet/phone in one, all the best from each department. Microsoft is venturing that way with Windows 8 & 10, you can download almost anything from online and their app store too, too bad, the apps are weak on numbers.

But 1st the tablet technology, needs to advance in the graphic department. make the tablet technology fast enough in speed and graphics to handle larger monitors at 5k etc.

Well, that’s it, sorry I been away from blogging, as you know, it’s no rich mans game to make money, just to pass on my thoughts on things. Work has kept me busy paying bills. Feels good to type again.

Hope to see you again in words very soon.

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