Are we coming back to Atari technology

Why do I ask that question, you might be asking your self?

First off lets discuss Atari the technology from the past. Atari was a head of it’s time when their personal computers were out, at the time they could of easily ran Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Hope you still remember what those were. Atari’s success was based on their computers having the Operating system built in to the motherboard, thus providing huge boost in speed. Of course they still needed the floppy drive to run programs, but had the hard drive come out then, they would of lasted much longer in use.

Now, why do i ask if we are heading back to Atari technology?

With all the gadgets, phones, iPads, etc, these products no longer use hard drives as we know it. They use memory chips built in to the motherboards, now I do wonder if Atari has some copy right rights to that technology, hmmm, maybe their bidding their time. That’s a question for another time. With all the technological advancement you would think our desktop PC’s would use that same technology, right, the Operating system should be built in to the motherboard, imagine how fast our old computers at home would be, no waiting time. With the large memory chips out there I don’t see a reason why not, and you can always flash a update on to the chips. I think some one dropped the ball along the way here. It would be a large savings on hard drives alone, plus it would boost battery life in most laptops, like the iPad, which lasts up to ten hours, since there are no working parts.

I call on HP, Dell, Gateway & all large PC builders to do away with the hard drive and get back to Atari technology of making the PC fast.

Right now we are limited by our hard drive in how fast our computers are. If some one was to come out with such a motherboard, I am sure most people will upgrade their desktops or even a PCI express slot hard drive, which i know are out there but because of greed are ridiculously expensive as are the SSD hard drives. Greed seems to be holding us back.

Please comment if you think I am wrong, I like to hear from my readers on my topics, if there are any readers that is.