The New CPU or is it GCPU?

The trend as you may have seen is merging the 2 technologies together one die with a cpu & gpu. If done the benefits can be astounding, the performance of these 2 in one die cpu’s could be the new future, but will it be? No I say, why? Because the future is going to be GCPU= Graphics Central Processing Unit. That’s my nick name for the new technology that seemed to fit the description best. GPU’s have become very powerful, one GPU chip has hundreds of cores running simultaneously, why not take the next step and throw out the CPU and slap in a GPU for a processor. It seems like the future is all graphical, why not make the new CPU a GPU to fully take advantage of performance. Yes. you would have to do some tinkering on the GPU add in more cache’s  to support all that processing power, throw in some on-board ram and on-board OS ROM, upgradable that is of course and voile we have a super computer.

Heterogeneous Computing

As the image from NVIDA above shows the difference between a CPU & GPU, which would you choose as your main processor?

I would like to take the 100 cores any day over 4. The 2 technologies are very different.

An example Nvidia’s Russell gave to think about the difference between a traditional CPU and a GPU is this: If you were looking for a word in a book, and handed the task to a CPU, it would start at page 1 and read it all the way to the end, because it’s a “serial” processor. It would be fast, but would take time because it has to go in order. A GPU, which is a “parallel” processor, “would tear [the book] into a thousand pieces” and read it all at the same time. Even if each individual word is read more slowly, the book may be read in its entirety quicker, because words are read simultaneously.


My conclusion is throw out the CPU , bring in the GPU.

Images from NVIDIA.